‘Block Factory’ Sees Price Cut On 3Ds Eshop

After what has seemed like a slow few weeks for the eShop in terms of top games, Nintendo has today released their new update, which is highlighted by two solid games.

I can’t remember if I touched on this the first time I saw it, so better safe than sorry: some ancient pre-release Super Mario Bros. 3 footage has recently surfaced in Japan, featuring a look at some different stages than what we got in the end.

Well, that’s alright by me. Travis Touchdown was cool and all, but as long as we aren’t strung along like in Metal Gear Solid 2 or Mega Man X7 and he’s up-front about it, it’s much less of a slap to the face for fans.

In common it can be quite difficult to check your shop based on PrestaShop manually. And it’s far more difficult to do it fast and efficiently. There is a service that will do it for you much simpler. It is known as Shopping Cart Diagnostics. Firstly this service supports not just PrestaShop platform but also 8 most common carts. It enables you to monitor the efficiency of practically every magento eshop and examine over hundred shopping cart elements for errors. Great, ah?

This has nothing to do with Nintendo, but I cannot help but mention it anyway: some fans have come together and put together a Street Fighter-esque game based on the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon.

“Mega Man 3” introduced not only the Rush character/robot, but the slide mechanic that allowed Mega Man to reach new places and gave the player a new move to dodge enemy attacks.

That’s it for today! Catch up on stuff related to other games and fun stuff on Twitter @PoisonMushroomO, or check out the digest version on PoisonMushroom.Org! And we’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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