Flasks – Make Great Gifts And Movie Props

The Movie DVD has come a long way since way back when. Before the 2000’s, most DVD’s were merely the movie and a title menu, nothing more. Now, the extras are where it is at. Despite double dipping, there are many DVD’s that are almost worth it just for the extras. This means, if a movie sucks, the extras might be enough to still be a worthy buy.

DO make copies. Technology changes, so update your videos to whatever new technology comes along. How many of you know folks with a stack of home Transfer 8mm Film to DVD Fort Lauderdale reels stuffed in a closet or tucked away in an attic. How sad no one looks at them anymore because they don’t have a film projector.

The 35mm film, on the other hand, is the basic film gauge used for chemical still photography and motion pictures. It was first introduced to the market in 1892. Photo cameras of the old times used film. Perhaps you may have 35mm films of still photos in your possession that you wish you saved.

Sony Pictures: As a primary creator of the Blu-ray Disc format, Sony’s support has been strong. LPCM is the most commonly used lossless audio format and is featured on almost every Sony Pictures title.

Question: You are not a newcomer to the “Scary Movie” film franchise. You previously played George in “Scary Movie 3” and “Scary Movie 4” but now your character’s name is Dan. Is this ever mentioned in this installment – even as an inside joke?

A: When I was a kid, I was really into “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Friday the 13th.” But as I got older and started working as an actor, I did not really get scared by horror movies as much so I am not as into them anymore. Now I just look at them for research for these movies.

Something people don’t often think about when moving their 8mm film to DVD NYC quality media is that they may not actually hold the rights. For some things it can be easy to determine. An old copy of Nosferatu for instance, cannot just be copied into another media. It is a movie and people own the rights to it. There are trickier things though like wedding footage that might have been taken professionally and will need permission to be copied from 8mm film to DVD NYC quality media.

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