How Do You Reply To Kei Te Pehea Koe?

How do you pronounce Kei in Maori?

Some speakers pronounce, and write, kei as kai (and hei as hai).

Such spelling is to be found, for instance, in the splendid English-Māori Dictionary of H.



When would you say Kia Ora?

Use kia ora to wish someone well as a greeting or farewell, to say thank you, to affirm support, or to say a friendly ‘cheers’. You can also use kia ora to answer the phone or start an email.

What is mihi English?

nounmihi. New Zealand. A Maori greeting, formal welcome speech, or expression of thanks.

How do Kiwis say goodbye?

Haere rā – nearly as common as ‘Kia ora’, Haere rā means goodbye, farewell or bye-bye and is said to someone leaving.

What does Morena mean in New Zealand?

(Good) morningMorena- (Good) morning!

What does Kei te pai?

The answer would probably be: “Kei te pai” (“Kei te” = present form, “pai” = “good”) or “Kei te pai ahau” (“ahau” = “me”) which means “I am fine”.

What is Tena Koe?

How do you say thank you in Māori? … Tēnā koe (to one person), tēnā kōrua (to two people), or tēnā koutou (to three or more people) also means thank you in Māori.

What is Nga mihi?

It’s Maori language week. Here’s my mihi in te reo. The English translation is : Greetings to all. … My Maori colleagues are helping spread the word.

What do you say when someone says Kia Ora?

Ora literally translates to life and kia (technically speaking) is a future tense particle, meaning something will happen. Kia ora rā is a nice way to say thanks – you can start or finish emails with it. “If someone corrects you or does you a favour, we go ‘kia ora rā’,” Apanui says.

What does Atamarie mean?

Good MorningAta Marie means Good Morning.

How are you te reo?

Kei Te Pehea Koe is how to ask someone how they are in Te Reo Māori? If there are 3 or more people, ‘koutou’ is used instead of ‘koe’. You can respond with ‘Kei te pai’, meaning ‘I am good. ‘

What is Ka kite?

1. I’ll see you again. – only used when speaking to one person. For two people use kōrua instead of koe, and for three or more people use koutou instead of koe. Often shortened, incorrectly, to Ka kite anō or Ka kite.

How do you say good evening in te reo?

good eveningGlosbeResearch. kia ora. { interjection }Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data. tēnā koutou i tēnei ahiahi.

What does NGA mean?

NGAAcronymDefinitionNGANational Governors AssociationNGANational Gallery of ArtNGANational Glass AssociationNGANational Gallery of Australia33 more rows

What does Haere Mai mean?

Play. 1. (interjection) come here! welcome!

What does kia ora koutou?

Kia ora can be used to wish somebody life and health—the word ora used as a noun means “life, health and vitality”. … By itself, it can be used to address any number of people, but by adding koe (i.e., kia ora koe); kōrua; and koutou one can specify a greeting to, respectively, a single; two; or three or more people.

What happened to Kia Ora orange juice?

In 1961, Kia-Ora was sold to the Campbell Soup Company of the US. … The success of the Kia-Ora brand subsequently declined, overtaken by rival juice producers such as Robinsons. Coca-Cola eventually discontinued all variations except sugar-free orange and sugar-free mixed fruit.

What does Ka Pai mean in New Zealand?

Well done, or goodKa pai – Well done, or good.