Question: What Is Mātauranga Māori?

What are the principles of Mātauranga Māori?

“Mātauranga…is essentially a system of knowledge and understanding about Māori beliefs relating to creation, the phases of creation and the relationship between atua (supernatural guardians), and tangata (mankind)..

What is Kaupapa Māori theory?

Kaupapa Māori theory is based on a number of key principles. … This principle asserts the centrality and legitimacy of Te Reo Māori, Tīkanga and Mātauranga Māori. Within a Kaupapa Māori paradigm, these Māori ways of knowing, doing and understanding the world are considered valid in their own right.

What is the significance of Whakapapa to Mātauranga Māori?

As the core of mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge), our whakapapa provides us with identity and history, and connects us with our tūpuna and the whenua. As with most communication, whakapapa was traditionally recalled through kōrero and waiata, as well as shared through carvings and karakia.

What is kaupapa whanau?

Kaupapa-based whānau share a common bond, other than descent, it may be geographical location or a shared purpose. Kaupapa-based Whānau are important in their contribution to Māori educational outcomes, perhaps through provision of social support, peer tutoring or through support of the Māori language.