Question: What Is OCR Engine In UiPath?

How do I use Google OCR in UiPath?

UiPath.Core.Activities.GoogleOCR Extracts a string and its information from an indicated UI element using Tesseract OCR Engine.

It can be used with other OCR activities (Click OCR Text, Hover OCR Text, Double Click OCR Text, Get OCR Text, Find OCR Text Position)..

How do I install Microsoft OCR engine in UiPath?

Click on the expand icon (+) next to ‘Microsoft Office Document Imaging’. Right click on Scanning, OCR and Indexing service filter and click on ‘run from my computer’.

What is the difference between Google OCR and Microsoft OCR?

Google Cloud OCR – This requires a Google Cloud API Key, which has a free trial. … Microsoft OCR – This uses the MODI OCR Engine, which is also free to use, and the processing is done locally like Google OCR. Microsoft Cloud OCR – This uses the Microsoft Computer Vision API, which is also free to sign up for.

How do you use abbyy Flexicapture in UiPath?

To use the Intelligent OCR you need to first create template in FlexiLayout studio and then create fcdot file in ABBYY Administration Sation. Only after creating the fcdot file you can give the path of that file in the process document activity and then extract the data.

How do I scrape an image in UiPath?

Start Data Scraping wizard.Select a cell of image as first element. … Select a cell of image as second element.You can see Configure Columns Dialog, and click “next”.Preview data will be shown (and there will be no data). … You can get like the following selector. … Set the value of attr “text” to “src”More items…•

How do I read a scanned PDF in UiPath?

You could do the following:Install UiPath. PDF. Activities.Once you install that package, you will be able to see PDF activities in activities pane.You can use Read PDF Text or Read PDF Text with OCR activities for your requirement.You can then write it into excel using write range or write cell activity.

Which OCR engine is best in UiPath?

Comparing OCR Engines in UiPathGoogle Cloud OCR: This required a Google Cloud API Key, which has a free trial once you signed up on the Google Cloud platform.Microsoft Cloud OCR: This uses the Microsoft Computer Vision API, which is also free to sign up for.More items…•