Question: What’S Perplexing Mean?

How do you use perplexing in a sentence?

Perplexing sentence examplesIt was on one of those occasions that Lisa made her first perplexing discovery.

Of course they did not realize how difficult and perplexing they were making the examinations for me.

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What does baffled mean?

to confuse, bewilder, or perplex: He was baffled by the technical language of the instructions. to frustrate or confound; thwart by creating confusion or bewilderment. to check or deflect the movement of (sound, light, fluids, etc.). to equip with a baffle or baffles. Obsolete. to cheat; trick.

What does bewildered mean in English?

adjective. completely puzzled or confused; perplexed.

What does peril mean?

noun. exposure to injury, loss, or destruction; grave risk; jeopardy; danger: They faced the peril of falling rocks.

What is the best synonym for perplexing?

Synonyms forbaffling.complicated.convoluted.knotty.mysterious.mystifying.puzzling.thorny.

What is another word for Puzzled?

In this page you can discover 54 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for puzzled, like: sure, confused, amazed, mystified, dumbfounded, confounded, cleared, nonplussed, certain, at-a-loss and nonplused.

What does modest mean in English?

having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one’s merits, importance, etc.; free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness, or great pretensions. free from ostentation or showy extravagance: a modest house.

What is another word for Baffled?

Some common synonyms of baffle are balk, foil, frustrate, and thwart.

What does earnestly mean?

: in an earnest and serious manner : not lightly, casually, or flippantly speaking earnestly asking earnestly for forgiveness providing the relief that they had earnestly hoped for She spoke so earnestly, with such emotion in her voice, that Omakayas was always to remember that moment …—

What is meaning of perplexing?

to cause to be puzzled or bewildered over what is not understood or certain; confuse mentally: Her strange response perplexed me. to make complicated or confused, as a matter or question. to hamper with complications, confusion, or uncertainty.

Is Perplexedly a word?

per·plexed adj. 1. Filled with confusion or bewilderment; puzzled.

What puzzled means?

1. To baffle or confuse mentally by presenting or being a difficult problem or matter. See Synonyms at perplex. 2. To clarify or solve (something confusing) by reasoning or study: He puzzled out the significance of the statement.

What does bemuse mean?

to be mildly amusedverb (used with object), be·mused, be·mus·ing. to bewilder or confuse. to preoccupy; engross. to cause to be mildly amused, especially in a detached way: Apparently bemused by his critics, he floated above the clamor surrounding the campaign.

How do you spell Bemuse?

bemuse to make confused : puzzle, bewilder. to occupy the attention of : distract, absorb has bemused audiences around the world. to cause to have feelings of wry or tolerant amusement seems truly bemused that people beyond his circle in Seattle would be interested in his ruminations— Ruth B. Smith.

Is bemused a word?

adjective. bewildered or confused: a bemused expression on his face. lost in thought; preoccupied.

What is the opposite of perplexing?

full of difficulty or confusion or bewilderment. “perplexed language”; “perplexed state of the world” Antonyms: unconfused, unperplexed, unbaffled.

What does ecstatic mean?

adjective. of, relating to, or characterized by ecstasy or a state of sudden, intense, overpowering emotion: an ecstatic frenzy;ecstatic cheering for the winning team. subject to or in a state of ecstasy; full of joy; rapturous: They are absolutely ecstatic about their new baby.

What does deduced mean?

to derive as a conclusion from something known or assumed; infer: From the evidence the detective deduced that the gardener had done it. to trace the derivation of; trace the course of: to deduce one’s lineage.

What does ailing mean?

adjective. sickly; unwell. unsound or troubled: a financially ailing corporation.

What does I’m puzzled mean?

Meaning of puzzled in English confused because you do not understand something: He had a puzzled look on his face. I’m still puzzled as to why she said that.