Question: Why Are Rocks Next To The Mid Ocean Ridge Younger Than Those Farther Away From The Ridge?

What is a deep crack that runs through the center of a mid ocean ridge?

Running along the top of this chain of mountains is a deep crack, called a rift valley.

It is here that new ocean floor is continuously created.

As the two sides of the mountain move away from each other, magma wells up from the Earth’s interior..

What are the two main differences in shape of fast versus slow mid ocean ridges?

Fast-spreading mid-ocean ridges have an axial high (the “rise crest”) whereas slow-spreading ridges have deep axial rift valleys. This difference in morphology is reflected in the ruggedness of the flanks of ridges.

What erupts through the valley of the mid ocean ridge?

What erupts through the valley of the mid ocean ridge? … At mid ocean ridge, molten material rises from the mantle and erupts. The molten material then spreads you out, pushing older rock to both sides of the ridge.

Are the rocks farthest from the ridge older or younger than those closer to the ridge?

If you look at all the ridges lining the mid-ocean ridge, the oldest ridges have moved the farthest from the mid-ocean ridge. Convection currents under the lithosphere push new crust that forms away from the mid-ocean ridge and toward a deep-ocean trench. … The newest oceanic crust is the mid-ocean ridge.

Why is the mid ocean ridge a ridge?

Mid-ocean ridges occur along divergent plate boundaries, where new ocean floor is created as the Earth’s tectonic plates spread apart. As the plates separate, molten rock rises to the seafloor, producing enormous volcanic eruptions of basalt.

Which mid ocean ridge is spreading the slowest?

The Ridge is named after him, and the name was recognized in April 1987 by SCUFN (under that body’s old name, the Sub-Committee on Geographical Names and Nomenclature of Ocean Bottom Features). The ridge is the slowest known spreading ridge on earth, with a rate of less than one centimeter per year.

What is an example of mid ocean ridge?

Mid-ocean ridges form where two tectonic plates are pulling apart, also called seafloor spreading. … The Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is spreading one to two inches a year, along with the East Pacific Rise, which is spreading two to six inches a year, are two examples of very long mid-ocean ridges.

How does the age of the rock change as you move away from mid ocean ridge?

As rocks crystallise from lava at the ridges, they literally record the magnetic field of the Earth at the time of their creation. … The two parts of the oceanic plate are pulled apart, and magnetic stripes become older as they move away from the mid-ocean ridge.

What can you say about the ages of the oceanic rocks near the Mid Atlantic Ridge?

AGE OF OCEAN ROCKS The age of the rocks becomes younger, as you move to nearer to the ridge, because this is where seafloor spreading is happening, the magma will rise up, to fill up the gap again, and then it will cool down afterwards, creating a young ocean floor with young newly-formed rocks.