Quick Answer: Which Suffix Means To View?

Which suffix means urination?

uriaCheck out the new section-ulelittle; smallur/ourine; urinary tractureter/oureterurethr/ourethra-uriaurination; condition of urine17 more rows•Aug 31, 2017.

What suffix means pain or sensitivity?

-opsy. Sensitivity to pain. -algesia. The surgical creation of a new opening.

What is the suffix for process?

-ment. Suffix meaning action or process; product or thing; state or quality of; concrete result, object, or agent of a (specifed) action. -ness.

What suffix means pain?

Two suffixes mean pain: -algia and -dynia. Select the suffix that means hernia, swelling, or protrusion.

Which suffix means softening?

malaciaA person may be diagnosed with the condition osteomalacia. The suffix in this term is -malacia meaning softening of. It is used when you need to describe something that is softening when it shouldn’t be getting softer. The term osteomalacia means softening of the bone.

What does the suffix mean medically?

Category: medical health surgery. 4.8/5 (175 Views . 23 Votes) In general, the prefix or root word will refer to the body part in question, and the suffix refers to a procedure, condition, or disease of that body part. By putting these terms together, you can better comprehend a condition or treatment.

Which suffix means seizure?

Combining form and its meaning: ict/o- seizure. Medical word definition: Pertaining to after a seizure. anuria. Suffix and its meaning: -ia condition; state; thing.

Which suffix means deficiency?

(-penia)The suffix (-penia) means to lack or to have a deficiency. It is derived from the Greek penía for poverty or need. When added to the end of a word, (-penia) often indicates a specific type of deficiency.

What is the suffix for hearing?

The suffix that means ‘hearing’ or ‘condition of hearing’ is ‘-acusis’. Maybe you are a person that tends to hear everything very loudly, and you have ‘hyperacusis’, meaning ‘highly sensitive hearing’. You may be able to relate to this next suffix even more.

What is the suffix for tumor?

oma: Suffix meaning a swelling or tumor. Many words in medicine end in -oma.

What suffix means visual examination?

ScopyScopy is a suffix meaning. visual examination.

Which suffix means growth?

plasm-plasm. Definition. -a suffix. -means “growth, substance, or formation”

Which is the definition of suffix?

(Entry 1 of 2) : an affix occurring at the end of a word, base, or phrase — compare prefix.

What is the suffix for inflammation?

Medical Definition of itis itis: Suffix meaning inflammation. For example, colitis is literally colon inflammation or figuratively inflammation of the colon. The ending -itis is one of the building blocks derived from Greek (in this case) or Latin used to construct medical terms.

What suffix means hernia?

cele SuffixSuffix meaning swelling; hernia.

What does the suffix Clasia mean?

-clasis, -clast, -clasia. to break; surgical fracture.

What is suffix in medical terminology?

Suffixes. Suffixes are placed at the end of words to change the original meaning. In medical terminology, a suffix usually indi- cates a procedure, condition, disease, or part of speech.

What suffix means viewing?


Which suffix means attracted to?

-philia; a suffix. Means attraction, affinity for. -phrenia; a suffix.

Which suffix means condition?

Only $2.99/month. Identify the suffix that means “condition of”: dysentry (DIS-en-ter-e) (interstinal disorder; root: enter/o) -y.

Which suffix means disease?

Pathy-Pathy is a suffix meaning ‘disease. ‘ There are many diseases whose names include this suffix. A very common term in medical terminology is cardiomyopathy, meaning ‘disease of the heart muscle.