What Case Is Rex In Latin?

What gender is Rex in Latin?

3rd Declension Masculine or Feminine (each word has a set gender): rexEdit3rd DeclensionSingularPluralnominativerexreg-esvocativerexreg-esaccusativereg-emreg-esgenitivereg-isreg-um2 more rows.

Is Rex a dogs name?

Yes, traditionally it’s a dog name, but then it’s also a traditional human name (eg Rex Harrison). It’s not like you’re calling him Fido or Rover… Even people who think of it as a bit of a dog name will forget that as soon as they meet your son.

Is Rex a good name?

The name Rex is a boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “king”. Now that many dogs are named Max, it’s safe to use this sleek, solid, regal name again for your child. And with the charm of its final x, its regal meaning, and its offbeat simplicity, Rex is definitely one to consider.

What is Rex a nickname for?

Regis, Reginald, Rexford, Rex, derived from the Latin word for king, is a male given name.

Is Rex a real word?

Yes, rex is in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you pronounce Rex in Latin?

My answer for Classical Latin is that REX was pronounced [reks].

What does the Rex mean in Latin?

king, rulerThe Latin title rex has the meaning of “king, ruler” (monarch).

What Latin case is Qui?

A nominative plural quēs (qui-) occurs in early Latin. A dative and ablative plural quīs (quo-) is found even in classic Latin.

What declension is Rex?

Third-declension noun.

Does Rex mean king?

The name Rex means King and is of Latin origin.

What does Rex mean?

king, ruler, monarchRex (title) (Latin: king, ruler, monarch), a royal title.

What is 3rd declension in Latin?

The third declension is a category of nouns in Latin and Greek with broadly similar case formation — diverse stems, but similar endings. … A subcategory within both the Latin and Greek third declension is nouns with consonant stems. These, unlike all first- and second-declension nouns, end in a consonant.