Who Killed Axel White Lines?

How does Zoe die?

She then moved up the political journalism ladder, potentially moving so quick she couldn’t see what was coming.

Unfortunately, not seeing what was coming is exactly what caused Zoe’s end.

During their meeting, when Zoe least expected it, Frank shoved her in front of an incoming train, killing her instantly..

Is Axel Collins based on a true story?

Axel Collins (Tom Rhys Harries), the main character of the series, isn’t based on an actual person — and neither was the series inspired by a biography or a memoir.

What year is white lines set?

2010sHowever, the series begins with the discovery of Axel’s body, which is said to have been found twenty years after his disappearance. So, taking this into consideration, it’s likely that White Lines is predominantly set in the second half of the 2010s.

Who is Anna in white lines?

Angela GriffinSeries CastLaura Haddock…Zoe Walker 10 episodes, 2020Belén López…Conchita Calafat 10 episodes, 2020Tom Rhys Harries…Axel Collins 10 episodes, 2020Angela Griffin…Anna 9 episodes, 2020Francis Magee…Clint Collins 9 episodes, 2020149 more rows

Will there be a white lines 2?

Sadly for fans, it appears that White Lines will not be returning for a second season on Netflix. … According to Angela Griffin and Daniel Mays, White Lines has been cancelled after a single season, news that came as a surprise to the cast.

Does Zoe get with Boxer?

Sadly, as it became clear Boxer had fallen for Zoe and she was uncertain about leaving her husband Mark – who came to Ibiza to get her but then realised his wife’s dalliance – and how strongly she felt, the pair ended their affair.

Who does Zoe sleep with in white lines?

Zoe and Boxer share a romantic meal and a romantic movie, and they sleep together. Kika, in the present, asks how it was and Zoe says the most beautiful night of her life.

Are white lines true?

Is White Lines based on a true story? The actual story of Axel’s death and all the characters involved in it are entirely fictional – although the show’s creators have said it was partly influenced by Narcos, which is based on real events.

Is Ibiza really like white lines?

The story is set in Ibiza and depicts the island as a hedonistic paradise while also trying to give a glimpse of its more spiritual side. One of the main critiques has been that the majority of the series was filmed in Majorca and not Ibiza, making it considerably less authentic.

Who is Axel Collins?

Tom Rhys Harries plays the charismatic Axel in his first lead role for Netflix, and the 27-year-old has found himself new legions of fans from all around the world thanks to his stellar portrayal of the troubled DJ.

Who murdered Axel Collins?

After 10 gripping episodes that saw several suspects emerge, the series finale revealed that Anna (Kassius Nelson/Angela Griffin) was the one who killed Axel – but she didn’t act alone.

Why did Anna and Marcus kill axel?

In the present day, Anna tells Zoe she killed Axel because she was worried that Marcus would find out about the affair. Marcus also finds out the truth, and shuns Anna, who he was previously hoping to win back.

What do you watch after white lines?

If you were disappointed by White Lines, these 11 Netflix shows do it betterMoney Heist. Money Heist is from the creator of White Lines, Álex Pina. … Ozark. … Narcos. … Narcos Mexico. … Queen of The South. … El Chapo. … Bad Blood. … Breaking Bad.More items…•

What happens to Boxer in white lines?

Boxer, still employed by the Calafat family, helped cover up Oriol’s involvement and allowed him to escape the scene. … After realising that neither he nor the Calafat family were responsible for either Axel’s or her father’s deaths, she let him go and Anna came clean. That’s the last we saw of Boxer and Zoe together.

Does Zoe find out who killed axel?

After being confronted by Zoe in White Lines’ season finale, Anna confesses that she murdered Axel 20 years ago.

Why is Boxer smiling at the end of white lines?

Moments after she walked into the sea, Boxer is shown driving into the sunset with a smile on his face right by the ocean. Some have speculated he may have followed Zoe and saved her in the hopes of his happy ending and escape from his employment under the nefarious Calafat family.

Is white lines all in Spanish?

Money Heist creator Álex Pina’s latest crime drama, White Lines, is in both English and Spanish (at a 70-30 split in favour of English). … He wrote the show entirely in Spanish with a group of writers (four Spanish, one bilingual English speaker) and filmed it with a bilingual Spanish camera crew.

Are white lines English?

White Lines is a British-Spanish mystery thriller streaming television series created by Álex Pina.

Who buried axel in white lines?

Then, off-screen, Anna and Marcus presumably drove Axel’s body to Almería and buried it in the desert there, on Andreu Calafat’s land, to implicate Oriol, Axel’s most public rival. Marcus then helped Anna to cover up the murder for 20 years, until which point the Spanish statute of limitations on it had expired.

What happened at the end of white lines?

The final instalment of the series from Spanish writer Alex Pina revealed that it was Anna Ward (Angela Griffin) who had killed the Ibiza DJ and club owner. Anna confessed her crime to Axel’s sister Zoe (Laura Haddock), revealing she’d murdered him after discovering he’d burned all their money at his birthday party.